Here are the Benefits and Importance of VPN for You


What is a VPN (Virtual Private Network)? For internet activists , of course, this word is familiar. A VPN is a service that you can use to ensure that your online activities are protected and safe from unwanted things. The things that are not wanted here are the eavesdropping of important data or information by hackers or cybercriminals or the exposure of your privacy from irresponsible parties.

The internet is not a safe place for anyone. When you connect to the internet, information about you can be obtained easily, the computer used, IP address, geographic location, browsing history, personal data, your activities and so on. Your important data can be stolen or intercepted for sale or for ransom purposes. Your privacy may be exposed for the purposes of serving advertisements or offering services and so on.

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You need a way to do activities online safely. You can try a VPN service that provides the best security because the transmission of data or information is encrypted. Details regarding your online activities are hidden. Important data cannot be read by eavesdroppers and your privacy cannot be exposed. VPN provides advantages or benefits related to data or information security and privacy. The following are 6 advantages or benefits of using a VPN service:

1. Masking IP address for privacy.

When accessing the internet using a computer or smartphone device, your device is uniquely assigned an IP Address. The problem is, all your online activities can be traced to that IP Address. When you use a VPN, the VPN will disguise the IP Address and transmit data or information as if it came from the VPN server you are using. Thus, your IP Address, geographic location, your identity, your online activities will remain safe and not tracked or exposed.

2. Protect data when using free public Wi-Fi.

Free public Wi-Fi is everywhere, in hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, malls, airports and other public places as one of the services provided to those in those places. However, you should not be too happy with this. Connecting to the internet using free public Wi-Fi puts your data security and privacy at risk . It is highly recommended that you take extra care with the available free public Wi-Fi.

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 Although free public Wi-Fi networks use passwords, the reality is that Wi-Fi passwords are easy to crack or find out so your important data remains unsafe. Your data can be easily intercepted, read or stolen. With a VPN, data is encrypted as if there was a hidden tunnel created specifically for the transmission of your data. Thus, your data will be protected, it is impossible to read to be stolen or tracked.

3. Access restricted content.

While not all countries, there are some countries that enforce rules by completely or partially restricting access to certain content. As such, those of you in those countries will not be able to access this restricted content. By using a VPN, you can spoof the IP Address of the computer you are using to get around access to the restricted content so that you can still access the content even though there are restrictions or restrictions.

How can a VPN do this? For example, you live in Indonesia. The Indonesian government restricts access to Facebook so you can't access Facebook. You can use and log in to a VPN server in Australia so that you will get an Australian-based IP Address. In this way, it is as if you are in Australia. Since the Australian government does not restrict access to Facebook, you can access Facebook without a hitch.

4. Get a cheaper price.

Any plans to travel abroad? Just visit a country that has a low cost of living. If you want to book a hotel or rental car, use a VPN server located in that country even if you are from another country to get the same low price. Prices may be different and can be more expensive if you book directly from your home country, especially if you go through a travel agent who of course manipulates prices to make a profit.

5. Can be used in various networks.

VPN does not depend on the network or connection you are connected to. The VPN can still work fine. You can use VPN over any network such as home network, work network and public Wi-Fi hotspot anywhere when you are on the go. This flexibility gives your important data or information greater security and privacy and can give you more peace of mind.

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