NordVPN Review : A VPN That You Can Trust

NordVPN needs absolutely no introduction in the VPN domain. It is one of the best options in the market; it provides a slick interface wrapped around several security features. In this NordVPN review, I will go through all the aspects of the VPN service. With more than 5500+ servers globally, it aims to deliver peak performance at all times.

A VPN essentially creates an encrypted tunnel between your computer and the server controlled by the VPN service. Hence, it ensures that no person, even in the same network, can take a look at the data that you are transmitting.

NordVPN provides personal VPN solutions for desktop, mobile, and even for Android TV. It offers VPN products for over 12 million customers worldwide across a wide range of services. With more than 5500+ servers distributed across 59 countries, it's easy to see why NordVPN is a global name.

NordVPN supports up to six connections at a time. Hence, you can probably connect all your devices at one go. With OpenVPN support for better encryption and double data encryption, there's always something for everyone. Also, many NordVPN users have reported that the VPN features improve with each update. They also find their strict no-logs policy to be a significant attraction.

About the Company

Tefincom & Co developed NordVPN, and its initial release was in 2012. With seven years of experience, it an established brand in the VPN market. This Panama-based service does not come under any data retention laws. Hence, a super delight to customers. It also does not participate in the Five Eyes or Fourteen Eyes Alliance, offering complete security and privacy to users.

The NordVPN website states that it was developed by four childhood friends, who released its first Android app in May 2016. Also, as of November 2018, NordVPN is the first official cybersecurity partner of Liverpool F. C.

NordVPN Review: Feature List

NordVPN has the following significant features,

  • P2P 
  • Double VPN 
  • Onion over VPN 
  • Dedicated IP 
  • Strict No Logs Policy 
  • Great Customer support 
  • Works in China 
  • A large number of server locations 5100+ 
  • 62 Countries 
  • Adblocking 
  • Malware protection 
  • SmartPlay 
  • Kill Switch 
  • Obfuscated servers

NordVPN Review : A VPN That You Can Trust
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