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10 Tips for Selling on Etsy: Avoid Common Seller Mistakes!

10 Tips for Selling on Etsy: Avoid Common Seller Mistakes!
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Selling on Etsy: Avoid These Common Mistakes

I spend a lot of time educating people on how to start successful shops on Etsy. All of my advice is based on my own experience as a seller. Many people think that all you need to do is open a shop and your items will fly off the shelves without any effort, which is not the case. I learned the hard way when I opened up a shop on Etsy early on. To be honest, it requires hard work and dedication.

Etsy gives you the platform to turn your handmade items or dream of being your own boss a reality. However, running the business is up to you.

How to Sell Successfully on Etsy

I have outlined 10 key mistakes people overlook or make when selling on Etsy. Fixing these mistakes will really help you sell. Here, I will give you some crucial pointers on what to do to increase sales and traffic to your Etsy shop!

My Video: How to Increase Traffic on Etsy

1. Don't Jump In Without Doing Your Research

Many people who open shops on Etsy wonder why their items aren't selling. It's almost certain that they haven't properly educated themselves. Spend at least a day learning the ins and outs of this ever-growing community. Do your homework and read up on all the Etsy policies, the how-toscommunity forums, the seller handbooksellers' stories, and read all the helpful, strategic advice from the platform and from other sellers if you wish to be successful.

At the end of this article, you'll find a great list of additional links to help you, suggestions on how to research selling on Etsy, and tips for selling your niche product.

2. Don't Post Grainy, Burry, or Fuzzy Photos

This is a huge problem. Maybe you are in a hurry or don't have enough time. The light may not be great or your cell battery won't allow you to take pictures with a flash. Perhaps your camera is giving you grief—a viable excuse. But whatever the problem, please know that a picture really is worth a thousand words.

It's simple: If you post ugly photos, no one will want to buy what you're selling.

Consider Etsy as the Martha Stewart of selling online. Does that make sense? You have to have pretty, cute, sensationally adorable photos. This isn't a garage sale but a boutique!

Take a bit more time to take your photographs. Etsy allows you to have ten images, which really lets you show every angle of your item. Upload as many great photos as you can. These photos should be clear, creative, and close-up! Make sure to show any flaws or damage, and include a ruler or some other familiar item to show the scale and size of the piece. Do your best to capture the item's true color.

For more tips, read my list of 10 Photography Tips for Successful Selling on Etsy.

The first five words of the Etsy title of your item are very important. These are the words that will show up in a search or in the HTML address of the item. This means that if you want the right buyers to find you, you will want to choose the most relevant, accurate, and descriptive terms possible.

Granted, you can use way more than just five or six words in your Etsy title, but as a rule, try to focus on the most important words at the start of your listing.

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