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Love Island USA season 4 reunion: How To Watch For FREE

Love Island USA season 4 reunion: How To Watch For FREE
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The latest installment of Love Island USA has officially wrapped after declaring a winning couple, which is another sign the summer is coming to a close. However, knowing the fans simply couldn’t get enough of the nuanced dating reality show, producers were kind enough to air a reunion special on September 1. The hour and 28 minutes proved to be quite insightful.

For most of the couples, it's still too early in their courtships for any mind-blowing events to have taken place since the show wrapped, but there were plenty of OMG moments for viewers. So just what did we learn from The Love Island USA season 4 reunion? Allow us to recap.

Be warned! This is your official spoiler alert.

What’s next for Love Island USA season 4 winners Zeta and Timmy?

It looks like the fan-favorite couple has every intention of trying to make their romance work outside of the Villa. Timmy even shared with host Sarah Hyland that he had plans to visit Zeta and her family in the UK, joking that the latter’s mother provided the invitation. The pair again stated that they found a connection and are excited to continue exploring that outside of the house.

Now as far as whether or not they are ready to take on the label of "boyfriend and girlfriend," the couple as always was coy but was quick to embrace the fact they are exclusive. However, in a separate interview with Pop Culture, they did happen to elaborate on that a bit more. Take a look.

Love Island USA season 4 reunion: How To Watch For FREE

Love Island USA returned with a new crop of singles, a new host and a new network.

Modern Family star Sarah Hyland helmed season 4 of the reality dating competition series, which debuted July 19 on Peacock and crowned its winners, Timmy Pandolfi and Zeta Morrison, last week. Love Island USA’s season 4 reunion drops on Peacock on Thursday (Sept. 1) at 9 p.m. ET.

The hit show is a spin-off of Love Island UK (watch it on Hulu) and previously aired on CBS (seasons 1-3 are streaming on Paramount+ and Prime Video) before moving to NBC Universal’s Peacock streaming platform.

On Love Island, singles couple up in “new surroundings where challenges will excite and bombshells will be dropped,” per NBC. During their time on the “island,” contestants are met with temptations (and drama, of course) and may be forced to decide between keeping their original partner or re-coupling with someone new in hopes of finding love — and taking home the $100,000 prize.
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