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Best Alternative 911.re S5 Residential Proxy

The most effective residential proxy network with 40+ million residential IPs. High quality, location targeting and low error rates.
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Still can't get over 911.re S5 Proxy? Don't worry! The review below will help you find 911.re S5 Residential Proxy Alternative, the best premium flavor in its class.

We have researched the best Socks5 proxy solutions to 911.re Proxies for web scraping based on real testing of their proxies. Our unbiased reviews considered proxy features, support locations, Scaping Performance, network performance, and customer support. We have compiled a list of the best 911.re alternatives.
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Do you want the best alternatives to 911.re to still enjoy the functionalities and quality 911.re offers? This article provides you with excellent alternatives to 911 that provide similar or even greater features.
911.re S5 Proxy Alternatives
  1. Bright Data. 72+ million IPs in Pool – (Starts from $300 for 20GB | $15 per GB) – Best Overall Residential Provider (Pay As-You-Go)
  2. Visit BrightData
  3. WebShare. Starts from 25 Port for $105 monthly – SOCKS5 Residential ISP Proxy with unlimited bandwidth and Upto 3000 Threads
  4. Visit WebShare
  5. Storm Proxies. Stormproxies is another proxy service that allows its users to enjoy unlimited bandwidth while charging them based on the number of ports. It is one of the top alternatives to the 911 S5 Proxy. Unlike the Shifter proxy service, this one is pocket friendly as you can get started with just $19.
  6. Visit StormProxies
  7. Oxylabs offers even more residential proxies, with a wide choice of locations and top-in-class performance. It recently introduced pay-as-you-go, so you don't need to subscribe.
  8. Visit Oxylabs

911.re Shut Down Permanently on July 28, 2022!

After several years of operations, 911.re has been shut down by itself. 911 proxy official noted that a group of hackers have made phishing attacks and cloned their data, which caused their charging system to be down, and they have to shut down their proxy service permanently. Here is the statement on their official website,
You can find more Interesting information and facts through this video,
With the number of proxy services in the market, not many proxy services get noticed. This is because for you to be noticed, you need to be unique, be the first in a niche, or have a big marketing budget. For the 911.re proxy service, all it did was to be unique in its offering, pricing system, and the way it provides its proxy service.

While this has made it known among the numerous providers in the market, the inflexible nature of its offering has led a good number of its users to seek an alternative provider for socks proxies if they need to carry tasks that the 911.re is not easy to be used for.

If you are one of the 911.re users that want an alternative to the service, then there are a variety of options available that offers Socks5 proxies that you can use to carry out your tasks. However, you need to know where to look in other to make an informed decision.

That is why this article has been written to provide you 10 recommendations of sock proxy providers similar to the 911.re service for you to choose from. Before the recommendations, let take a look at an overview of the 911.re proxy service and why you will need an alternative.

About 911.re S5 Proxies

The 911.re is a residential socks5 proxy service with a unique twist to its service. This service requires you to install a Windows software for you to use it. From this software, you have access to some advanced features, including setting HTTP headers. The service has millions of IPs in its pool sourced from over 190 countries across the world.

One thing you will come to like about this service is that its proxies have lifetime validity, provided you did not exhaust the number of IPs allocated to you. Interestingly, it offers unlimited bandwidth. It is also one of the fastest proxies in the market, and you can use it for sale intelligence, brand protection, and ad verification, among others.

Why Need 911.re Alternative? 911 Proxy Shut Down!

To be frank with you, the 911.re proxy service is not a bad one. In fact, we recommend them because of their extensive location coverage, lifetime validity of proxy balance, fast speed, and the ability to change requests headers.

However, there are still reasons you will need to use an alternative, and these are discussed briefly below.

1. Ease of Use is Questionable

If you are a new user, the Windows client provided by 911 will scare you at first glance because of its complicated look. It is not intuitive, and there is a lot of configuration you need to do to get started.

To make things worse, this proxy client is available only on Windows. While there is a way to use it on other operating systems, that is another trouble that you would not want – and would want to settle for an alternative instead. They offer a developer API which is also not easy to use.

2. Not Suitable for Web Scraping

If what you require proxies for is web scraping, then this provider is not suitable for such. While you can use it, you are better of using another provider.

This is because you do not get proxy lists delivered to you easily in a way that you will integrate them in your custom bot easily as other providers such as Bright Data would.

3. No Free Trial and Refund

If you are the type wondering if their proxies will work for you or not, then you are better off with another provider. This is because the 911 proxy service does not offer free trials to new customers.

Instead, they advise you buy their smallest plan to test the service. Unfortunately, they also do not offer a refund which means that all sales are final.
Are you looking to buy socks proxies when 911.re shut down? Need cheap proxies like 911 proxy with an in-house client to use and pay daily? We have compiled a list of 911.re alternatives that you can socks proxies.

4 Best Socks5 Proxy Service like 911.re (911 s5 Proxy)

The 911.re proxies are residential socks proxies. So the recommendations would be focused on residential proxies. However, we would have one or two datacenter socks proxy providers for those that would need them.

Bright Data (Luminati)

  • IP Pool Size: Over 72 million
  • Locations: All countries in the world
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Starts at 20GB
  • Cost: Starts from $300 monthly for 20GB
The Bright Data residential proxy is the number alternative to the 911.re socks proxies. In fact, if you ask me, I will tell you Bright Data is a better provider when compared to 911.re. Bright Data is the market leader and does not only offer socks5 proxies but also offers HTTP proxies. It offers a better developer API, has over 72 million IP addresses in its pool, and supports all countries and major cities in the world.

Bright Data proxies are rotating proxies with support for both high rotating proxies and sticky IPs that can maintain an IP for up to 30 minutes. Its proxies are some of the fastest in the market, and they are quite compatible with most websites and use cases, including web scraping. However, it is more expensive than the 911 Socks5 proxies.

Get BrightData 30% Off Today


  • IP Pool Size: Undisclosed
  • Locations: over 27 countries supported
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Unlimited
  • Cost: Starts from $105 for 25 proxies monthly
Webshare is another worthy alternative to the 911 S5 Proxy. As with most of the other proxy services described in the article, you get proxy details to use in your client software, unlike in the case of 911, where you get a proxy client.

The residential proxies offered by this service are static proxies, the kind of proxies called ISP Proxies. The proxies are of high quality and are undetectable to most websites. However, because of this, they are not as cheap as the regular datacenter Roxies sold by this provider as the starting price for this service is $105, and that will give you 25 proxies.

Get WebShare 15% Off Today

Storm Proxies

  • IP Pool Size: About 40K IPs
  • Locations: US and EU only
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Unlimited
  • Cost: Starts from $50 monthly for 5 ports
Stormproxies is another proxy service that allows its users to enjoy unlimited bandwidth while charging them based on the number of ports. It is one of the top alternatives to the 911 S5 Proxy. Unlike the Shifter proxy service, this one is pocket friendly as you can get started with just $19.

It has a smaller pool with only 70K IPs and the locations from which you can get IPs to include the US and EU. This service is also known to support only the IP authentication option, which some people do not find convenient — adding support for username and password will be good for this service. Looking at this service, you can say that it does not have all the advanced features others do, but for the basics, it covers them well.

Get StormProxies 30% Off Today


  • IP Pool Size: Over 102 million
  • Locations: All countries supported
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Starts from 25GB
  • Cost: Starts from $300 monthly for 25GB
The Oylabs service is one of the best alternatives to the 911 residential proxy service. This service can be seen as a contender to the Bright Data service. However, the Oxylabs service beats Bright Data in terms of the number of IPs in the pool as it has got over 102 million IPs which is the largest in the market right now.

The service has also got extensive location support, allowing users to choose specific states and cities they need proxies from. The proxies offered from their residential proxy network are rotating proxies and can be said to be some of the fastest in the market, and you are allowed to enjoy unlimited concurrent connections.

Get Oxylabs 50% Off Today

911 Proxy FAQs

(Question) Is There A 100% Alternative To 911.Re In The Market?

If what you is a regular proxy service, then you can get an alternative to the 911 S5 Proxy that will meet your need.

But if you need more than what regular proxies have to offer, including a proxy client that facilitates port forwarding, provide you a way to save user personal information, keeps a list of blocked sites, and even supports the modification of headers, as well as have lifetime validity for unused proxies, then you will find a hard time getting an alternative for that.

But for those that all they need are proxies that are undetectable, then there are a lot of alternatives available to you.

(Question) Why Did The 911.Re Service Shutdown?

It has been less than a week since they shut down, and as such, the real reason behind the action might not be fully out yet. The only reason we can point at currently is what we were told by the service.

According to the information on their homepage, they were a victim of a hack that led to the damage of data on their server. Unfortunately, the data couldn’t be recovered, and it contains critical data that, without it, the service can’t function. It was as a result of this that the service shut down.

(Question) Will 911.Re Service Come Back Again?

From the information available on their website, they are gone for good — never to return again. The information reads permanent shutdown.

This means that you shouldn’t expect them to come back again. You are better off looking for an alternative than waiting for them to come back as they are never going to come back.


The 911.re service has taken the path of other SOCKS5 proxies of its kind by shutting down and never returning again.

This means that you have to forget all the relationships you have had with the service and get close to another service for the proxies you need for your business. There are a good number of proxy services you can use as an alternative to the 911.re, and the ones listed above are the top ones.

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